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of yes-men, following the hops of some clumsy,
useless and extremely dangerous apparatus across
country with the utmost dignity and self-
satisfaction. . . .
Yet that is precisely how we still set about our
political and social problems.
Bearing this essential fact in mind that the
Peace of Man can only be attained, if it is attained
at all, by an advance upon a long and various
front, at varying speed and with diverse equip-
ment, keeping direction only by a common faith
in the triple need for collectivism, law and
research, we realise the impossibility of drawing
any picture of the new order as though it was as
setded and stable as the old order imagined itself
to be. The new order will be incessant ; things
\idll never stop happening, and so it defies any
Utopian description. But we may nevertheless
assemble a number of possibilities that will be
iIncreasingly realisable as the tide of disintegration
iebbs and the new order is revealed.
To begin with we have to realise certain
peculiarities of human behaviour that are all too
disregarded in general political speculation. We
have considered the very important role that
may be played in our contemporary difficulties
by a clear statement of the Rights of Man, and
we have sketched such a Declaration. There is